Tips For Grabbing The Attention of Website Visitors

Tips For Grabbing The Attention of Website Visitors

It’s hard enough getting people to our websites when a certain search engine keeps updating the algorithms in a unfavorable manner. Search engine algorithm updates end up pushing out small sites and lets the websites of big corporations or those engaged in shady optimization methods float to the top, while newcomers and honest but inexperienced website owners are fighting for scraps.

Don’t Take A Website Visitor For Granted

Never take a website visitor for granted. It doesn’t matter what type of website you own, anyone can use another prospective customer or blog reader with the potential to spread the word if impressed. We at DO CREATIVE STUDIOS do not take website visitors for granted, so before we start – Thank you for visiting our website!


Be Original. Be Fresh.

First off, you want to make sure your website content offers originality and or freshness. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, but make sure you deliver your information in an interesting manner and that it has the capacity to keep visitors engaged.

A good way to test your site is to go over the content yourself. If it still engages you despite the fact that you’ve not only created it but viewed it several times, than you can bet that it will engage visitors.

Layout is Queen

If content is king as the popular adage goes, then layout is its queen. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say two sites have identical content on them. They’re shown to you back to back: one site has subheadings, bullet lists, bold font on emphasized points, etc. The other is identical in content and writing, but is neatly organized into paragraphs. It’s a page with six or seven paragraphs on it.
Which page would better hold your attention?

How you present your content is equally as important as its substance. If you’re presenting a funny article, breaking up the text with pictures that have captions on them is a good way to keep readers engaged. If you’re presenting an instructional article, an accompanying video that demonstrates what you’re writing about can help readers understand what you’re teaching. It also keeps them on your page longer, thus lowering your website’s bounce rate.

Evoke Emotions

You ever notice how soft, heartwarming music plays during some commercials? Maybe you noticed that some commercials are much funnier than they have to be to get their message across. Advertisers do this because evoking an emotion helps attract and maintain the attention of the viewer.

The same concept applies to websites. If you appeal to the website visitor’s emotions, chances are he’ll stick around longer. You can accomplish this with a clever usage of text, images, and video.

Be Logical

If you can make the reader say “yeah, that makes sense” or “wow, that’s pretty accurate!” – Your content is engaging, and will likely be viewed or read to the finish. If you’re pitching a product, provide logical reasons that your prospective customer may want the product.

If you’re inspiring a call to action, convince potential members to join your cause (whether it be for a profitable venture or something else), and explain in detail how they can benefit.

Use Good Headlines

Have you ever felt compelled to click something because the headline or title was oh so enticing? You can learn a thing or two from magazines and tabloids, as the experts behind those publications are masters of creating compelling headlines. When creating a headline, the most popular template is to end the headline with something very beneficial.

For example – “7 ways to reduce your electricity bill” or “5 steps to lose weight fast.”

Don’t those examples sound better than “Reduce your electricity bill by following these instructions” or “lose weight with this five step program?”


In Conclusion

We at DO CREATIVE STUDIOS have the tools to market your brand effectively. We hope you’ll consider us for any of your creative needs! Get in touch with us today!

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