Strategic Use of Keywords

A keyword is the subject word that your content is built upon. Strategic use of keywords is important whether you are constructing an article to contribute to a profitable web property, or are using the article to bolster the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) standings of a company blog. Preparing keywords is best done in a combination of strategic planning and/or choice, and effective use. Let’s start with the strategic planning of keywords.

Strategically Choosing The Correct Keywords

There is no excuse to not having the correct keywords optimized for a website. There are keyword selection tools available for free, and cheap programs that go even further in research depth. For those whom are fully invested in their web properties, there are companies that also provide a keyword selection service. These creative marketing companies will analyze your website and provide you with the keywords you need to rank well in the search engines.

There are multiple things to consider when choosing keywords. Most tools will tell you the amount of search volume, the competition, and sometimes even the estimated cost per click of your prospective keywords. The best strategy is to build a diverse portfolio of keywords. Don’t pick a collection of low competition keywords; doing so will prevent your site from building a robust collection of niche authority.


Effectively Using Your Chosen Keywords

When constructing an article around your chosen keywords, the two main things to regard are article length and keyword density. Choosing the right article length can be tricky, as you want to get your message across using an efficient number of words. Having to stuff an extra hundred words in your article can make it “wordy” and thus not a pleasurable read for website visitors.

Concise, well written content will rank in the search engines. Good writing will expose your article to “long tail keywords,” or related phrases that potential website visitors input in search queries. Don’t let “web experts” lurking in forums tell you otherwise. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for your articles, as even a page featuring a few sentences can rank well with the right keywords and back-end optimization.

When you have your keywords and article length decided, the next thing to consider is keyword density. An effective keyword density is between 1 and 2%. To be more specific, a good article would use the keyword(s) one or two times for every one hundred words in your article. It is also effective to use your keyword in the opening and ending sentences.


In summary, a keyword is the target word you are trying to rank for in search engines. Building great content and excellent search engine optimization will help increase your visibility to potential web site visitors. The increased exposure definitely doesn’t hurt, so make sure you do whatever is needed to ensure a strategic and effective deploy of keywords on your website.

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