How to Increase Online Sales

For all who own and operate an online e-commerce store, there are several steps you should follow in order to enhance your total sales volume. From this article, we will let you know five of those methods that you can incorporate in order to generate greater sales online through your e-commerce marketplace.

1. Offer Free Shipping

– Most online shoppers hate unexpected “extras”. Therefore, you can consider bundling the cost of shipping in the price of products available in your online store. If it is not possible, you can offer free shipping for all orders over a specific value. In turn, this will motivate all the shoppers to add something more to their cart and enjoy free shipping offered. This is a proven method available to increase your average sales revenue.


2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– From a recent study it has been identified that over 80% of the customers coming to a particular website arrive through search engine results. Therefore, it is important for all the e-commerce website owners out there to pay special attention towards their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When your e-commerce website ranks high in search engine results, more people will see it and they will tend to come to your website first. This can enhance your sales volume by a great amount.

3. De-Clutter

– Remove clutter from your website and make it as user friendly as possible! Many e-commerce websites are overwhelming. They provide way too many deals, offers and forced recommendation of products to the visitors. They have made it difficult for people to find exactly what they want. This is why you need to eliminate clutter from your product store and make it easy for the users to locate their interests and buy. A perfect example for a clutter free e-commerce website is Amazon. Take notes!

4. Professional Product Photos

– This is key! Ensure that your products are represented with professional pictures. All online shoppers prefer “real” photos instead of “stock” photos. Shoppers prefer real photos since there is a universal loathing of the same stock photographs seen over multiple websites. Hiring a professional photographer to get some assistance with this can be a great investment towards the future of your e-commerce website. If the budget does not allow you to hire a professional photographer, you can take photos yourself. However, you need to be careful with the background and you need to highlight the main product in all the photos.

5. Provide World Class Service

– If you can offer an outstanding personal experience to all of your customers, you will be able to gain competitive edge over the online giants. Customers always prefer to be treated well from their online shopping experiences. Once they are treated well from your website, they will come back to your e-commerce website without any hesitation. This can easily be done by integrating a top quality customer support service to your website. When the customers get a quality service from your customer support, they will establish a strong bond with your website. Then they will even recommend your e-commerce website to their friends and family members.


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